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Sometimes the best way to understand what engineers do is to try your hand at it! The following are links to several engineering games on the internet to give you a first hand try at the problem solving skills engineers employ every day!

Solar Car Racing
Virtually design and race a solar car.
Play the game
Bionic Arm Design Challenge
Design and test a bionic arm, and see how it performs.
Play the game
Prove your engineering knowledge in this fast paced trivia game. Challenge friends, choose a team, or just go for the high score.
Play the game

Design a Parachute
Create a parachute both strong and light enough to safely slow the rovers in their descent toward Mars. Play the game

Save Planet Helios from ecological devastation!
Play the game


Quantum Moves
Use mouse movements to simulate the laser beams moves used in a real quantum lab to transport the atoms onto the right pathways. Achieve the best scores in "QComp" and "Beat AI" labs, which translate the most difficult scientific challenges, and thus help science make a step forward towards building a quantum computer. Play the game

NanoDoc is an online game that allows bioengineers and the general public to design new nanoparticle strategies towards the treatment of cancer. You’ll learn about nanomedicine and explore how nanovehicles can cooperate with each other and their environment to kill tumors. Best strategies will be considered for validation in vitro or in robotico. Play the game

Simple Machines
Help Twitch use found objects to create simple machines, devices that will help him solve challenges with a minimum of force, collect the parts and stay out of trouble. Play the game

UNTANGLED is a game in which users compete to make the most compact circuit layout on a grid. Play the game

Test advanced technology in the areas of synthetic biology, biomimetic robotics, geo-engineering, and space to see if it can defend humankind. Play the game

Wallace's Workshop
Design and test a variety of contraptions to move Wallace from point A to point B and advance to the next level. Play the game

Build It Yourself: Satellite! Game
Engineer your own satellite by choosing what science it will be used to study, and then deciding what wavelengths, instruments, and optics will help you learn the most about the science you've chosen. After you launch your satellite, you'll see what it looks like, and learn what real mission has data similar to the one you created. Play the game

iON Future: The STEM Career Exploration Game
iON Future lets you explore STEM careers, find the ones that best match your interests and then play your way to your dream STEM future. Play the game

Take on the fight for fresh water in this game of strategy and speed. Use technologies such as "plant pods" and "bug batteries" to capture fresh water to grow food and keep your rising population alive. Be sure to read about the amazing engineering behind each technology. Play the game

Rocket Modeler
See how high you can get your rocket to fly by experimenting with different design variables. Play the game

Talk to Me
Sadina is a teen with a mystery to solve. Can engineering help her? Read the novel, interact with characters from the book, and explore engineering concepts in this interactive website. Play the game

Station Spacewalk Game
Experience what it's like to conduct NASA repair work on the International Space Station. Play the game

Build a Lifeboat
Engineer a lifeboat by selecting the appropriate material for each component. Launch your boat to see whether it passes the test! Play the game

Roller Coaster Designer
Bend and shape the track of your roller coaster to send passengers on a thrilling, yet safe ride. Play the game

The Transformer
How do you get from sand to a cell phone? Explore the exciting world of materials engineering by heating, beating, and treating raw materials to create cool new stuff! Play the game

Energy Flows
Select and arrange various objects to complete the flow of energy in a series of fun challenges! Play the game

Build a Bridge
Model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge. Play the game

Invention Connection
Trace the paths of innovation from the microwave to the mouse. Play the game

Park World
Learn how engineers use the science of forces to design safe, fun, and thrilling park rides. Play the game

Compound Machines
Learn about forces and simple machines that work together to make The Compound Machine. Play the game

You Do It: Safety
Examine sections of Alaskan terrain and choose the pipeline strategy that works best for each. Play the game

Grid Computing
Play against the clock and solve huge problems with grid computing. Play the game

MRI Game
Explore MRI technology. Play the game

Bridge Designer
Design, build and test trusses. Play the game

Build a Bridge
Learn about the four major types of bridges and match the right bridge to the right location. Play the game

Lever an Obelisk
Use a lever to raise one end of an obelisk three feet off the ground. Play the game

Destroy the Castle
Make adjustments to your trebuchet, then try to destroy a castle wall. Play the game

Engineer It! ? Blow Your Mind
Design a protoype windmill. Play the game

Goldburger To Go
Design a machine that serves lunch to the ZOOM cast and crew. Play the game

Simple Machines
Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed! Play the game